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Why visit Club Macleay?

More than a typical lawn bowls club, Club Macleay has become a top destination for many tourists looking for a relaxing Queensland holiday experience. Located on Macleay Island, known for its scenic waterfront views, our Macleay Island bowls club also offers a wide range of activities for a perfect getaway with family and friends.

For those looking for a fun and relaxing island experience, Club Macleay should be your top choice. If you are curious why you should visit this popular Macleay Island bowls club soon, our team has compiled some of the reasons below.

It is situated in a prime location

Popular for one of Queensland’s most beautiful waterfront views, Club Macleay is perfectly nestled on Macleay Island. Situated in a prime location, Club Macleay is a dream destination for patrons to enjoy breathtaking and calming waterfront sceneries. On top of that, our local Macleay Island bowls club also offers a perfect venue for intimate family gatherings and regular catch-ups with friends. Located on an island as gorgeous as Macleay Island, it is hard to go past Club Macleay for a stress-free holiday getaway destination.

It offers a family-friendly atmosphere

Aside from its location, our club offers facilities and services more than a typical lawn bowls club. On top of hosting lawn bowls events and competitions, Club Macleay also has gaming facilities, live music and regular raffles. With this and more, the Macleay Island bowls club provides a family-friendly atmosphere making it easy for families to have fun while spending time with each other.

It provides an exquisite dining experience

Club Macleay not only allows your eyes to feast on beautiful sights but also feeds your taste buds with delicious meals to savour. With its very own Water Edge Bistro, Club Macleay provides the patrons with an excellent dining experience. Club Macleay’s Water Edge Bistro offers a versatile menu that includes seafood dishes and steak meals for friends and family to enjoy. Best of all, Water Edge Bistro is also popular for its mouth-watering homemade desserts and delicious coffee. For your varied drink preferences, we also have an island bar that can accommodate your choice.

Why Club Macleay is the best choice

With our range of amenities and services, it is easy to spend a day here at Club Macleay. More than a typical local Macleay Island bowls club, we can provide you with a unique and fun-filled island holiday get-away experience. For any enquiries, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today or visit our website for more information.

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