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Top reasons to visit your local lawn bowls club

Over the years, Club Macleay has become a top destination for lawn bowls players and non-players alike, and we are not surprised why. With our wide range of services and facilities, Club Macleay is much more than your typical local lawn bowls club.

Here at Club Macleay, we provide our patrons with amenities to experience a relaxing day to its fullest. Aside from hosting lawn bowls events and competitions, we also have gaming facilities, an island bar and we provide a first-class dining experience. Best of all, we offer one-of-a-kind live entertainment by the bay.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy lawn bowls and do so much more, then Club Macleay should be your top choice. For those who are curious to know why they should give this local lawn bowls club a visit, we have compiled a list of the top reasons below.

Lawn bowls events

Club Macleay has one of the top lawn bowls facilities in South East Queensland. Because of this, we have become a popular choice as a lawn bowls club for people who enjoy the sport. As a lawn bowls club, we host lawn bowls tournaments, special events and weekly competitions.

While lawn bowls tournaments are best enjoyed by players, we guarantee that non-players will also find the events enjoyable. If you’re planning to watch a lawn bowls event or to give this popular sport a try, then you should drop by Club Macleay soon.

Relaxing island bar atmosphere

With its glorious and relaxing ambience, the Club Macleay bar makes a superb venue for regular catch-ups with friends. The bar is popular for its wide array of local and international drinks that would suit anyone’s preference for beverages. Aside from good drinks, the bar is also strategically located for our lawn bowls club members and guests to enjoy spectacular bay scenery and amazing sunsets.

Waterfront dining experience

Most of the restaurants in Macleay Island are known for their brand of the island dining experience. But we are proud to say that Club Macleay’s Water Edge Bistro offers a dining experience like no other.

Famous not only for our gorgeous water views and island sceneries, Water Edge Bistro also provides a great seafood and steak selection guaranteed to excite any taste bud. As a first-rate restaurant, we have also gained a steady reputation for our famous home-made desserts and coffee.

Throughout the years of providing a great dining experience, we can see all the reasons why Water Edge Bistro has become a favourite for lawn bowls club members and visitors alike.

Why Club Macleay should be your top choice

Here at Club Macleay, we offer an outstanding lawn bowls club experience and more. We take pride not only in giving our lawn bowls club members the best experience but also in providing top-notch service and amenities for all our patrons to enjoy.

With all of these reasons, lawn bowls club members and guests will find it easy to spend a day at Club Macleay. If you would want to learn more about our club or if you have other enquiries, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today.

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